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Experienced and Creative Landscape Designers

At Rooted in Thyme Nursery we take pride in helping to design and install your residential or commercial landscaping. Our experienced staff can help you find the right plant or tree for that special spot


Our Roots

Rooted in Thyme Nursery is situated on property at the corner of Mayview and Lesnett Roads in Upper St. Clair, PA. 

Liz started her horticultural career in 1998 working at a local South Hills nursery. It was her passion showing customers how to combine a plants colors and textures that led her to open Rooted in Thyme in 2009.

Our Staff

Liz Frattare Owner, is ably assisted by a knowledgeable staff. Brenda, Betsy, Paula and Sam are experienced with our inventory and always willing to help you with your selections.


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